Didnt find answers and as i discovered this, thought of sharing here now 🙂 i had exported the file as *.mov from adobe premiere and aft. When the iphone device is connected to the network hosted by shareit on the android device, open the shareit on ios and tap on the “send” button.

Cara Menigirim Dengan Shareit Dari Android Ke Iphone Gadgetren

Install itunes on the same pc and then connect the iphone you want to transfer your files.

How to send video from android to iphone by shareit. To send a video, tap on it and hit send . After choosing video files, tap the button ok. Transfer videos from iphone to android.

Click to receive on android. Connect and copy the music and video files on to your pc from the android device. It has to be a compatible file format as well to even get an option of import videos in to your camera roll.

Connect both devices to the same wifi network and launch the app. A radar screen will appear looking for nearby devices. Step 4 after the connection is successful, back to the android phone, choose video as the data type on bottom.

With over 500 million downloads on google play store, shareit can transfer different types of data files, be it images, videos, apks, etc. After you finalized the files tap on ok or next to proceed. Itunes can also be used to transfer your music and video files from android to an iphone.

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It starts to detect your android nearby. How to transfer files from android to ios using shareit on wifi network? Then select the android phone on the list to connect two devices.

Then hit the tab send. Transfer files from android to iphone by itunes. On the sending device, tap on the send icon and chose the files, photos, or videos to send.

I was breaking my head on this. Run shareit on your iphone. Then you can select files to share by going to video.

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