So, firstly, you need to. However, the face id is in normal status.

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That all went fine (although they did knick the edge while replacing the screen, so there's a silver scratch right in front of the volume rocker).

Iphone earpiece not working after screen replacement. Power on the phone and it shows “unable to activate face id on this iphone”. Finally decided to take off the front camera/speaker ribbon from the new ifixit front panel and swap in the same ribbon from the defective screen. Hello, i cracked my screen, replaced it cheap, very cheap actually.

Now the ear speaker works fine except the front camera. It becomes a hot topic among mobile repair masters about how to solve this problem. With all the knowledge, we begin our repair.

After at least 6 phone calls (each lasting over an hour between hold times, transfers, turfs, etc), i finally got a very helpful person who, along with all the other reps, agreed that the phone was basically doa. Here's a few steps you can try to resolve your issue: She said she would send a certified like new iphone replacement to me right away.

Hold down the side button on the right side of your iphone until the apple logo appears on the display. I replaced the screen on an iphone 8 plus and after repair, the ear speaker is not working, no sound comes out (i tested it and it functioned. And remember to be gentle!

We all know that iphone 7 touch id will not work after replacing it, here we will test whether the iphone x face id still works after replacing the hardware. I want to continue ordering from them but if this continues i'll have no choice but to change supplier (not that i don't have other suppliers that i. Earpiece not working after screen replacement on iphone 7/8 plus plagues many.

After the screen replacement, front camera and the ear speaker was not working. Even though the camera and the assembly is new, it is not working, screen just turns black when i flip it and it freezes and does not shutter. I have reset the settings already.

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I also did a hard reset of the power (quick press of volume up, quick press of volume down, and then hold right power/siri button for ten seconds until after screen goes black and then apple logo reappears). Specific steps refer to our previous blog on how to tear down iphone x for screen replacement 1.3 take off the screen,. We go to settings > face id & passcode > set up face id to set up a face id and test the unlock function, it unlocks the device.

I would have assumed that it was just damaged during, however ordering a new earpiece provides that isn't the issue. So we can confirmed that the earpiece flex cable repalcement results in the face id not working. Install the new earpiece flex cable 1.

Detach the earpiece flex cable and install the new iphone x earpiece flex cable. Seated the earpiece speaker/prox sensor/etc assembly into the new screen. Iphone 5c earpiece not working after screen replacement.

Even after resetting your settings to their factory versions sometimes you wouldn’t be able to hear anything on the earpiece that could indicate that there is a major issue with your speaker and it needs to checked immediately. After removing the flex assembly from the original broken screen and. I thought it could be the flex cable and ordered one and replaced it.

I have the same problem. The front camera/speaker ribbon from ifixit is defective/not compatible for some reason. Can hear on speaker but not from ear piece/hole at top.

I have checked the camera flex and it is in perfect condition with n o sign of damage. However, five faulty screens in a row and one incorrect item (all one after another, apart from an iphone x lcd i ordered which is working swimmingly well by the way) doesn't paint a good picture. Disconnect the flex cables and remove the iphone x screen d isplay assembly.

Change the volume with the volume buttons or the slider in control center in any app you like. Press j to jump to the feed. Everything works except the earpiece speaker.

Did a screen replacement for an iphone x. I had a customer bring in their 5c because they did a screen replacement on their iphone and now the earpiece doesn't work. If you’ve cracked your iphone 7 plus or 8 plus and had the lcd assembly replaced, there’s a fairly good chance you’ve run into this annoying glitch due to a design flaw in these two iphone models.

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It ended up being a date/time issue. I am in the process of backing up and restoring the phone. When your iphone sound not working, it is most probably that you turn the mute switch on but forget to turn it off.

Unless i got a faulty earpiece, which come on if. So we resort to resetting. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

I see there are 3 ribbons, 1,2,3 i think 1 is for the lcd. After replacing the screen on my customers iphone 7 plus everything appear to be working except form the earpiece (when making phone calls i can not hear anyone). After opening up, check if there has any visible shifting or damages on the tape, the connector and the flex cable.

Repair the face id 1. Make sure to clean each speaker and microphone carefully. The new screen is great, but now sound is messed up.

You need to open up your iphone 7 plus and examine the earpiece flex cable. The solution for this situation is to reseating or replacing them. Iphone 11 ear speaker no sound issue:

Since the event of iphone 8/8 plus/x ambient light sensor failed after screen replacement, mobile repair masters have been devoting themselves to solving this problem. There is one microphone in the earpiece, one at the bottom next to the charging port, and one on the back of your iphone near the camera lens. Replace the front facing camera assembly.

After doing so, the ear speaker works as it should. We can see no sounds from the phone ear speaker, but other functions are all normal 1.2 turn off the iphone, tear down the iphone x display screen. Hard reset an iphone 8, iphone x, iphone xs, and iphone xr.

Press and release the volume down button on the left side of your iphone. I have also upgraded to ios 11.1. The top speaker works, but dims to about half of whatever volume it is set at after a second or two.

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I did every troubleshooting i could think of. It fails to work until a replacement of screen assembly. Press and release the volume up button on the left side of your iphone.

Check the reason why the iphone x ear speaker not working 1.1 turn on the iphone and make a phone call, or play a video.

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