I have accumulated 3 main reasons which happen most frequently. But if the screen is locked and then unlocked again, the brightness returns to its original levels.

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Nonetheless, if your iphone 12 screen keeps dimming or fluctuating in brightness when you’re out in the sun, then it is highly likely that overheating is the one to blame.

Iphone keeps dimming when locked. In addition to going dim, your iphone is set to automatically lock after 30 seconds. You can also choose the “never” option if you never want your iphone to lock on its own. 3 reasons causes iphone screen keeps dimming.

In my original post i'd mentioned that i'd done just that and it did not work. The iphone 7 keeps going to lock screen issue could be caused due to various reasons. The brightness drops randomly for no apparent reason.

Things are going great, except that as you try to follow along, the iphone screen keeps turning off every 30 seconds. Screen keeps dimming while locked since updating to ios 15.1. Using reiboot to fix iphone dimming;

There could be several reasons for the iphone display to keep dimming: After that, exit settings, and hopefully, your issue will now be fixed. Check out what users are complaining about.

I made sure the automatic button was off, it still dims. I went to answer the phone and it had dimmed itself down to an almost completely dark screen. The “night shift” mode is enabled.

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Here are some reasons which can cause your iphone brightness keeps dimming. Navigate to the settings app on iphone. This makes the screen never dim, please tell me if it works!

You cannot really say what has caused the issue until you try a fix for it and then see if that helps resolve the issue. Next, choose any option other than 30 seconds. If your iphone keeps going to lock screen after showing a black screen and then a spinning wheel—we've got a fix below.

To turn this off, go to ‘settings’ > ‘general’ > ‘auto lock’ > ‘never.’ iphone keeps dimming in sun This feature will automatically dim your screen during long periods of inactivity, which typically happen when watching videos. You can choose a value between 30 seconds and 5 minutes.

The display might get dim or go black as a result of this. I have the iphone 12 pro max and it constantly dims. You can change the length of time before it dims in:

Why does my iphone keep dimming by itself? But if your screen is dimming too often, you can extend the time that your iphone takes to lock. The “true tone” display is enabled.

However, if you enable low power mode, the phone display will automatically dim and lock after 30 seconds.

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