The fix solution is that you restart your iphone again and. Touch id back to normal.

Why Touch Id Not Working After Screen Replaced

Tear down the phone and grind new display touch module.

Unable to activate touch id on this iphone after screen replacement. When you get this notification then you will also observe the following: Take down the display assembly after test and take out the home touch sensor assembly. All the options under use touch id for will be disabled.

If your iphone’s touch id issue is due to the aftermarket replacement. 1.3 place the new iphone display on the table, with the touch module on the upside. It is just the finger print 'touch id' functions that will be lost, as it poses a security risk.

But usually, if your ios device was disassembled by a third factory, apple would refuse to take over the problem which means you should pay what you need. 1.2 replace the face id module from the original display to the new iphone display. So when tracing the fault, check if all other functions are working as they should, then inspect the cables for any damage and diagnose accordingly.

3.take down the home button flex cable. On iphone 8 and later Remove the cable from your iphone, since the overheating of cables may cause software issues, which will also lead to iphone touch id not working.

There are some people that may disassemble the iphone without powering off the phone in advance, actually this is a very possible reason that cause the touch id function failed. This is the most direct fix to the matter that users cannot activate their touch id. If you are unable to activate touch id on iphone 7 plus after screen replacement, this could be a hardware issue.

1.4 use the special machine to grind the module and. You can only solve this problem by assembling an apple supported iphone screen. As a result, next time you are unable to complete touch id setup please go back and try again.

Force restart iphone (30% success rate) there are two types of restart in the iphone, including soft restart and hard restart, but you will need force restart your iphone to resolve the touch id setup. If the replacement screen is not an original apple screen then the touch id will not work. If you're using a case or screen protector, make sure it doesn't cover the touch id sensor or the surrounding ring.

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Everything went fine and there were no white lines on the. 1.1 power off the phone and tear down the original display screen. It sounds like the 3rd party you are using is disconnecting the the touch id cable from the security enclave chip when replacing the screen (hence the kink, which is pretty amateurish, find a different repair site).

So, if you are unable to activate touch id, especially updating to ios 14, it is a reason to worry. For this, you have to follow the following steps: Fix touch id not working with reiboot (100% success rate) way 1.

Go to settings > touch id & passcode > add a fingerprint… is grayed out and there is no fingerprint listed there. This should be enough to be able to resolve the unable to activate touch id on this iphone problem. Touch id can’t be recognized.

With the iphone getting a complete refresh and restart, the problem shouldn’t be a. Open settings app on your iphone. Then buckle the display assembly to the logic board.

Power on and run touch id function test. Find and open touch id and passcode. Get the home touch sensor assembly mounted on the screen.

Open settings > tap touch id & passcode > select turn passcode off. If you don’t turn off the phone first, then this thing happens a lot. There are a few tweaks with the software that will help you to use the touch id once again.

And then adhere the cable to the previous bonding part. When you try to enable. Prepare another length of the cable.

Go to settings > touch id & passcode and make sure that iphone unlock or itunes & app store is on, and that you've enrolled one or more fingerprints. So, continue reading this article. Tap add a fingerprint. to add another fingerprint.

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Turn on the phone, unable to activate its touch id. This will soft reset the security settings. Doing this requires the use of apple controlled software to reset the touch id.

For iphone 6 and later versions, touch id is bonded with cpu, and the user who has replaced his home button will then lose its touch id fingerprint function. But this is a common problem and easy to fix. Just to confirm, you should have full home button functions, including multi touch and double tap.

The latest iphone models come with the full use of the touch id. If you still face the touch id issue and get the 'unable to activate touch id on this iphone' error message, go through the steps below to unlock the touch id. Go back to iphone settings.

You must replace the after market button with the original apple button from your old screen and even then it may not work. If you want the touch id to have a chance at working don't connect the replacement screen before the. Try enrolling a different finger.

So i've been fixing my friends' electronics for quite a while now and i have had a lot of experience with iphones cause most of my friends have iphones. Hit touch id and password and then enter your password again. Touch id not working on iphone 6 after screen replacement.

Without powering off the phone before replacing the screen. A separate touch sensor issue affecting iphone 8 owners with unauthorized, aftermarket replacement screens was reported earlier this week. You must swap the buttons over before the replacement screen is connected to the phone.

For a long time, it is a sticky business for repair technicians to repair the iphone touch id issue, but actually, about 80% of the touch id failures are resulted by damaged home button. So make sure that before you disassemble your iphone, your battery should be below 25% and power off. Activate touch id from settings on iphone.

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Yesterday a friend told me to replace his cracked screen and so i did. For iphone 6/6 plus/6s/6s plus/se/5s press and hold the sleep/wake button and home button together. Turn it back on after a significant time interval by pressing the sleep/wake button till the apple logo appears.

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